What is a "hit", "unique" or "page view"

Beware "hits" - make sure that the smooth talking salesman does not try to "con" you

Make sure that you understand the following three terms that are used, almost interchangeably, to talk about the numbers of people visiting your web site.If you do not understand them, a smooth tongued salesman will try to con you, with talk of large numbers of "hits"

So one visit to an average hotel web site will generate 3 page views and 45 hits

or      1 visit = 3 page views = 45 hits

So when I say the average hotel site generates only 5 visits per day, pity the web site owner who puffs out his chest and tells me proudly it must be exceptional as it is getting 200 hits per day. 200 hits means around 5 unique visits and very infrequent bookings (it takes around 100 web site visitors to get 1 hotel booking)

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