What happens when you buy a web site from Soft Options

Expanding the copy on our front page to cover any questions you may have


We ask for 50% with the order and 50% on completion. The reason for this is that we register the URL in your name, to ensure that you own it and not us (not everyone does this) and have to pay for that. In addition we have to purchase the cyberspace to put your site into at this stage.

The naming authority for your chosen URL and the site go together. Basically all Internet sites have a long numeric identity which means little to anyone - a bit like a string of numbers twice as long as a phone number. The naming authority then links electronically your URL with the chosen numeric site designation and viewers just have to dial the URL to be transferred to your numeric site.

We agree a design with you

You supply us with copy and photographs that you want to use. You will have a fairly good idea of the points that you want to present about your business.

We take that information and turn it into a web site with a front page linking to 5 other pages plus e-mail responses

You take a look at what we have done

We agree a domain name with you and register it in your name

We are keen to point out to you that we treat the URL as yours, after all you are paying for it, not ours. Registration is in your name, therefore you are free at any time to transfer it to another site provider if you so wish.

We obviously hope you will stay with us, but you are free to take your URL with you at any point, without the hassle of having to dream up another Internet name.

If you are considering other design services, we would advise you to check with them how free you are to take your URL away with you

We buy the cyberspace and put your web site into it

This merely means that you have a chunk of cyberspace for your site on a large computer that is permanently connected to the Internet.

We have the software to upload your site into this space, and to make any changes at any point in time

If changes are made they are instantly available to users of the Internet. However it may be some weeks before search engines alter the data in their data bases. This is not normally a problem, provided you site was properly indexed in the first place. For example if you alter you telephone number, then anyone finding your site through a search engine will find the new number, but if you put on a new page about, say, the solar eclipse, then it would take the search engines some weeks for this information to be available to searchers.

You check your e-mail daily for potential customers. Internet users expect a reply within 12 hours!

I cannot stress this too much.

Internet users expect instant replies, tomorrow is too late. By then someone else will have given them the information and they will have taken their business elsewhere.

If you do not check your e-mail twice a day and answer immediately, then you will lose business that was yours for the taking

Response will be slow at first, as some of the search engines can take up to 4 weeks to put submissions on their data base

If your new web site is your only source of e-mails, then you stand the danger of getting bored.

It can take up to 4 weeks to get properly registered with all the major search engines and it can take two or three months to get the maximum potential from your site

You need some other source of e-mails to make sure you look at your e-mails every day. There are lots of places on the web that send daily bulletins on any subject under the sun, there are news group with regular updates on anything from genealogy to golf, you can subscribe to the joke of the day. Whatever it is find some way of getting e-mails. You can always cancel them if you get fed up with what they send you

I labour this point because once someone e-mails you the chances are that they will buy whatever it is you are selling, but if you do not follow up immediately, then you have lost the opportunity. Tomorrow is too late on the Internet

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