Search Engine Registration and Monitoring

The vast majority of visitors to your web site will come from their use of a search engine. When you have a new web site there are not many other ways potential customers can find you.

There are various statistics available for which search engines draw  the most visitors. There is no universal answer. It will depend on which country you are in, what you are selling, and will vary over time

However, whatever way you consider search engines,

Most  Internet users are either lazy or technically backward, therefore they use the search engines spoon-fed to them by either their browser manufacturer (in effect either MS Explorer or Netscape Navigator) or by their Internet Service Providers like AOL or Compuserve. These services have deals with search engine data bases that vary over time!

REsearch showed that each visitor viewed roughly 4 to 6 pages when they used a search engine. Though on engines like Yahoo you need to browse many of their pages to get information. My view is that it means that the surfer only views 2 pages of real data on any search engine. In other words, given there are 10 sites per page listed, then your site needs to be in the top 20 in order to be read - accepted wisdom proved!

The other complicating factor is that you may not have a site in the USA, or aimed at the American market. In which case the search engines undoubtedly have different emphasis, and regional search engines may come into play.

You should be aware that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of  sites that you can be registered with. Many of these are little more than home pages, which have very little traffic, and certainly very little traffic from the sort of Internet surfer who will want to buy from your site. There are commercially available robots, I have one myself, which will go off and register your site with hundreds of these sites. But the bottom line is that it can be a waste of time. Most people wanting to get information about the product you are promoting will go to a major search engine to get that information. That is the quickest, most thorough and best way of doing it, therefore you need to be registered primarily with these major search engines.

Furthermore we submit your site by hand to search engines, and do not rely on the problems that occur with robots

Once a site has been submitted to the search engines, it will take anything from a few days to a few weeks for your site to appear on their data base. This is due to the vast numbers of submissions that search engines receive and the fact that they have got behind with their indexing. You never know during this time whether they have indexed your site, or whether the submission has got electronically "lost".

The only way to check the system is to check these search engines periodically for your site against agreed key words (these key words being the ones you would expect your visitors to use if they wanted to find the sort of product you are selling). We do this regularly, and resubmit to all search engines that do not have your site on their data base.

We use log file analysis software that lets us see, for your site,

Bear  in mind that some search engines do not use robots to index sites, but each submission is viewed by a human being. Yahoo is the main example of this sort of vetting of sites. There is a certain amount of "whim" in whether or not the editor who views your site will decide to add it to the Yahoo data base or not. Search engine placings can never be guaranteed by any web site designer, but we do offer a complete monitoring service, we know how the system operates, and we can ensure that your site is always placed as well as possible

If you want to get technical about search engines then try this sites for a fuller explanation


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