How many visitors should you expect from a web site every day?

The answer, is if you have a hotel site, about  5 visitors to the web site each day. The graph below shows the analysis ( with a table a a more detailed graph below for those of you hungry for data).

What it all means is that 63% of hotel web sites get less than 10 visitors per day

hotels web site visits

Forget the hype, forget the 200 million people have an Internet connection, forget the advertiser who claims 10,000 hits per day. The bottom line to you is "how many people have looked at my web site today?"

My expertise is in tourist sites. I have carried out a number of surveys of  hotel web sites. The results on 127 hotel's web sites showed that they received PER DAY averaged over a week the following number of UNIQUE visitors per day.

Remember each unique visitor will view on average two pages on the web site and generate a count of about 25 hits (as a hit in techno-speak is defined as a file transfer and each photo, logo, button, etc therefore counts as a hit.

ONLY CONSIDER UNIQUE USERS, it really does not matter how many "hits" each one generates

number of unique users per day percentage of hotels getting that number of
visiting the hotel web site unique users to view their web site
.-------------------------------- -------------------------------------
0 to 4 29%
5 to 9 34%
10 to 14   8%
15 to 19   7%
20 to 24   6%
25 to 29   6%
30 to 34   3%
35 to 39   2%
40 to 44   1%
45 to 49   0%
over 50 uniques per day   4%

So there you have it you can see that the average hotel site gets around 5 visitors per day

wpe2C.jpg (12848 bytes)

Now go on to see what happens to these numbers and how they turn into bookings