The Web Design Package we offer

your own URL, registered in your name
        This means we register you your own domain name, for example "" or "" would be two possibilities for the hotel named "Corisande"
                  The domain is registered in your name, it belongs to you
         You can obviously only register a domain name that has not already been registered by someone else. To check what is available try .  Once you come up with a name that you are happy with, then we will register it for you.
a chunk of cyberspace to host your web site
                    We purchase space on a big computer that is permanently connected to the Internet. You have a chunk of cyberspace there that will take your new web site. Once your domain name is registered, then anyone typing that name into their browser will automatically be directed to your site
6 pages of copy and up to 20 photographs in total
                  You can cram as much or as little copy onto a page as you want. However the more copy and photographs, the longer the page takes to download onto the viewers browser at home.
          You therefore need to balance total content, with download time
                 The further the visitor gets into your site the larger the pages can be - by then they have shown themselves to be interested in your site.
          Photographs are obviously very useful in giving the visitor a a more thorough view of what you are selling
your own e-mail address
                    To go with your web site you get your own e-mail address. It can be anything you like "" or "" .
           We then program your web site to forward the e-mail to your normal service provider's mail box where you pick up your mail at present
a reasonable number of copy updates each year
                    We are happy to update things like prices, addresses, phone numbers, etc over the year.
            This is not offering a full re-write service, it is designed to enable you to keep your web site up to date
registration with the best search engines
                     Research shows that most people get their information on web sites from one of a very limited number of search engines.
            We register you with these. Some, like Yahoo, we cannot guarantee will use the submission. They view each web site, and can be sometimes quite inexplicable in what they accept and what they do not
                    We will re-submit to those that have not registered your site on a monthly basis
            Sometimes sites just fall off search engine data bases for no good reason. We monitor you site every month to check its status
                   We   agree with you the keywords that you believe your customers will be using to find your site. We then check you site against these keywords on the major search engines every month, and send you a report.
            Search engines and your ranking against keywords is the main reason why people will visit your site.
management and maintenance of your site
                   As explained above, a web site is an ongoing thing.
           Changes need to be made to keep information up to date.
                   Search engines have to be checked to ensure you are well listed
           The technical problems associated with computers need to be kept under control!
total cost is 1100 per year for the first year
                    This means what it says
           We charge 1100 for the first year. There are no taxes or anything on top of that
                     At present, we would charge 790 for the second year. Cyberspace and name registration still need to be paid for, and there is ongoing site maintenance with updates and search engine monitoring.
                     We do not supply your Internet connection (that is your Internet Service Provider) nor do we pay for your phone calls.

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