How does a hotel web site increase its traffic?

In the previous page in this analysis I established that you can increase your count of web site visitors from 5 or so a day to around 50.

If you can get around 50 per day then a web site become a viable proposition as you will get enough enquiries for you to use it properly

Web site traffic- where does it come from?

                Great Britain - a touring guide to Great Britain

                Country House Hotels - hotels across the country

                Capital Calling - guide to London, with hotels to stay at

                Cumbria Calling - guide to Cumbria and the Lake District, with hotels to stay at.

                Cornwall Calling - guide to Cornwall - there is only one hotel to stay at in Cornwall :-)

               Devon Calling - guide to Devon, with hotels to stay at

               Wales Calling - guide to Wales, with hotels to stay at

               Scotland Calling - guide to Scotland with hotels to stay at

                        I am working on the other regions, but all are covered from Great Britain site


Conclusions - what does it all mean?

Add that lot up, and you have increased from 5 to 40 browsers per day. By now you are getting into a realm where the thing starts to take a life of its own. Other people clamour to be linked to you. Search engines and portal sites start to feature you in their travel guides. Meta search engine (those that analyse several other search engines, like Inference Find, Dogpile and Metacrawler, to find the most pertinent)  start to put you at the top of their list. More and more people find you

There is a limit to all this, short of giving away free cash, there will only be so many "quality" users looking for, say, "a hotel in Cornwall" on any one day. As more people get on the Internet that number will go up, but so too will the number of hotels on the Internet.

My judgement, based on my analyses, a properly managed hotel web site should get 30 to 50 visitors a day, depending on various outside factors like where they are and the time of year. The best figures I have come across for a single hotels are in the range 150 to 200 per day (but those are hotel sites that are long established and have web sites run by the proprietors, dare I say it, as a hobby)

So if you have a web site for your hotel, are you getting these figures?? ......... and if not why not??

I do not guarantee results, in so many visitors per day, but I would be surprised if I could not put your hotel into the first division in terms of visitors looking at the site. Whether they buy what they see is then up to you :-) - why not contact me at Soft Options to sign up now to improve your web traffic.

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