Web Site Design and Content

A web site offers you a fantastic way to tell potential customers about your product. You have plenty of space. We offer 6 pages - they can be long pages if you want, but we are quite safe on this one, as if they are too long, they will not  download quickly enough onto browsers, and viewers will lose interest before the page is fully downloaded!

An example with a hotel would be

You can have whatever colours you want, but bear in mind the image that you are trying to put across. If you look at the example above you can see what I mean

Company web sites of this sort should give information, and should not be full of state of the art gizmos. The browser can get those, if they want them from sites that set out to attract that sort of user. But the company site needs  to be readable and to give the viewer all the information that they need to make a buying decision

Photographs are helpful in selling anything, the viewer can see what they are getting. Remember that the bigger the photo, by and large the longer the time it takes to download.

And of course the web site needs to have on every page, a way for the viewer to contact you. We offer you any name(s) you want for your e-mail address, and these will be automatically forwarded to your normal ISP mailbox


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