Your own web site URL - what does that mean?

One of those web words "URL". What it actually refers to is the registered address of your site. Your challenge is to find a suitable URL that has not already been registered by someone else

Sites have various suffixes like ".com" or "" . These are the two most likely candidates for commercial sites in the USA or Britain. Others exist like ".net" or ".org", but unless yours is a non profit making organisation, you should probably stick to ".com" or ""

To stop total anarchy ruling on the Internet, you have to register your name with a registration body, who works on a first come first served basis. If you go to you will find a page for interrogating both naming bodies to see if your chosen name has already been registered. All the good ones have not necessarily gone, but you may need a bit of perseverance to find a combination that you can register.

In general the longer the name you want to register, the less likely it is to be already registered. For example "" will be taken long before ""

The naming bodies charge you for the privilege of accepting your registration. Then each year there is a renewal fee. We build this cost into our total package

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