Hotel web site - Information about the Locality

The Internet is primarily about information, not advertising. Look on your internet site as a newspaper not an advert

Therefore you need to include a page of general information. For a hotel this would be information about the area around it. Things to do, places to see, National Trust properties, drives, walks, golf courses, whatever you like

For a sailing school it could be about safety at sea, the local coastguards, lifeboats. For an art gallery it could be a history of local artists.

By offering such information on your web site you get better placement on search engines, as you cover a wider range of keywords. In other words if you had a National Trust property in your locality, and you featured it on your web site, then anyone looking for that national Trust property on a search engine could be directed to your site

You also make viewers feel that they are not just looking at an advertisement, but at a "newspaper" on the area.

Continuing with the newspaper analogy, it is the difference between a free newspaper and a weighty national newspaper

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